Global Adaptation Month



Coming April 2020


The effects of climate change are global. Global Adaptation Month aims to help society up its game by doing something about it. Participants will commit to raise awareness, take community action, incorporate climate adaptation strategies into their core work, and push for global commitments to implement climate adaptation (and greenhouse gas emissions reductions as well if they have them) to help people, communities, species and the natural environments adapt to a changing world. Making progress toward a climate savvy world that is aware of the challenges climate change cause, requires that we set goals for how we are going to address those challenges.  


Global Adaptation Month, while raising awareness of the need for adaptation, provides a platform to link and encourage adaptation actions around the globe. It will connect those just beginning to feel the effects of climate change with those who have already found and implemented creative adaptation solutions. Adaptation is supported year-round through tools such as the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE), but Global Adaptation Month creates an annual reminder that raises the profile of the need keep climate change adaptation efforts moving forward!


Global Adaptation Month will promote and encourage actions being taken around the world to respond to and prepare for climate change, along with how to stop the harmful emissions that cause the problem in the first place. The month long virtual event will allow people, communities, provinces, and states to commit to taking climate change adaptation action.



The inaugural Global Adaptation Month will be in April 2020. It may include live videos (Facebook Live), webinars, commitments by people around the world who are taking action. Climate Adaptation Commitments by individuals, communities, provinces, states around the world, will be revisited every year to assess progress and modify as needed to increase their effectiveness.


We want to hear your adaptation commitment! Anyone can make one—individuals, organizations, tribes, local governments, businesses, schools, state governments, and national governments. Record your commitment here!




GAMe on! Let’s take action to change the trajectory of our climate affected world.