Rolling Up Our Sleeves Together: Building an Inclusive and Impactful Adaptation Movement

Webinar Date: 
March 01, 2017


From decisions on Standing Rock to proposed changes at EPA, climate change conversations have shifted at the federal level, yet climate justice leaders have weathered the storm of these challenges and continue to advocate for climate justice. In 2017, strengthening equitable climate change solutions at the local, regional and state level is even more critical to climate equity and justice communities.

Over several years we have built coalitions and partnerships to address a changing climate. That is even more important today! We need to continue deepening our relationships and foraging ahead to develop equitable adaptation solutions that benefit our communities and environment.

As we prepare for the 2017 National Adaptation Forum what role can the National Adaptation Forum play for the broader climate adaptation movement? What ways can we build cross-sectorial partnerships to for local, regional and state level adaptation wins? What barriers need to be broken and opportunities awakened to harness the momentum before, during, and after National Adaptation Forum? Join us in a conversation among social justice practitioners and adaptation leaders who lead with equitable solutions in their work.