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2017 National Adaptation Forum Media Archive

  • ASAP's National Adaptation Forum Digests (click here)
  • Mississippi River cities: Feds should take climate change seriously (click here)
  • National Adaptation Forum: Leaving me with more questions than answers- and that's good (click here)
  • CAW Members Attend 2017 National Adaptation Forum (click here)
  • PICCC at the National Adaptation Forum 2017 (click here
  • Adaptation Forum ends but challenges go on (click here)
  • CSCs Lead Climate Projection Training at National Adaptation Forum (click here)
  • Eight honored for helping safeguard America’s valuable natural resources (click here)
  • Congratulations Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate! (click here)
  • Helping our Climate Vulnerable Neighbours: Updates (click here)
  • Climate Science Alliance and San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative Share Expertise at National Adaptation Forum (click here)
  • Massachusetts Wildlife Climate Action Tool Wins National Award (click here)
  • Climate Generation project recognized at Adaptation Awards Ceremony (click here
  • Experts tell senators coastal protection needs better data (click here)
  • Moving the needle on climate adaptation (click here)
  • Environmental Factors – A Determinant of Health Long Neglected and Requiring Adaptation (click here)
  • Warming Trend Into Sunday - Stormy & Sticky Next Week - Another Way to Discuss a Changing Climate? (click here)
  • APACC Members are Leading the Discussion: Diversity and Inclusion in Decision-Making about Urban Parks, Climate Change and Resilience (click here)
  • Dr. Amber Pairis receives climate leadership award (click here)
  • “I don’t want a levee.” Mayors Battle Another Round of Flooding, Push Corridor-Wide Solutions (click here)


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