Climate & Health Adaptation in the Heartland

Climate & Health Adaptation in the Heartland

Nissa A Tupper
Minnesota Department of Health
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Climate change is occurring in the Midwest with serious consequences for human health and wellbeing. America’s Heartland is becoming measurably warmer and precipitation patterns have become more erratic. Air pollution, extreme heat, flooding, drought, and ecosystem threats are increasing in frequency and severity and threatening our health. These hazards can impact health in acute and chronic ways, yet many of the impacts are best reduced or adapted to by sectors outside of traditional public health.

This symposium will showcase how four Midwest states are bridging from health to other sector professionals to build local climate resilience through partnership. Grantees from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Climate Ready States and Cities Initiative, including Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, will each highlight a climate and health adaptation intervention implemented at state and local levels that was made possible by working with cross-sector partners.
By building working relationships with built environment professionals, emergency preparedness and management professionals, clinicians, and community partners to champion climate and health, these Midwest states are helping close the gap between climate vulnerability and climate resilience. Now, more than ever, is a critical time to pursue these coordinated adaptation interventions and build cross-sector capacity, as many of these climate hazards are expected to increase in the future, occurring more often and with greater magnitude.

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