Courageous Climate Action in Southcentral: How Not Leading with “Climate Change” is Making a Difference

Courageous Climate Action in Southcentral: How Not Leading with “Climate Change” is Making a Difference

Ellu Nasser
Adaptation International
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Droughts, floods, extreme heat, and more, the Southcentral has a little bit of everything when it comes to climate change and extreme weather. How can communities begin the conversation and start building resilience when the state and local politics make it nearly impossible to start a conversation with the words “climate change”? It takes courage and creativity.

Come learn from three leading cities (San Antonio, TX; Las Cruces, NM, and Stillwater, OK) and one boundary organization (the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program) as they share insights in how they are addressing climate change in their states, many of which are deeply red. A series of short presentations will be followed by an interactive discussion that provides a deep dive into the challenges of building momentum, encouraging action, and creating a movement in these communities and across the region. Equity, economic disparity, and the needs of frontline communities all play a role in how these communities are addressing their climate challenges and taking action.

Join this session for an honest look at the challenges and opportunities that come with reframing the climate conversation, finding common ground, and sticking up for approaches that can make a difference, even in the middle of the country where preparing for climate change can be hard sell.


Courageous Climate Action in the Southcentral U.S.
Sascha Petersen, Adaptation International
Using Hazard Planning as an Avenue for Climate Action
Rachel Riley, Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program
Courageous Climate Action in Las Cruces, New Mexico
Lisa LaRoque , City of Las Cruces, New Mexico
Douglas Melnick, City of San Antonio
Paula Dennison, City of Stillwater, OK