Traveling to a meeting about climate change presents an existential challenge for many, which is why each Forum EcoAdapt donates money to a local organization that undertakes climate adaptation activities. These donations serve as a way to support on-the-ground adaptation action and help to offset any guilt some may feel from traveling.

Baltimore Green Space

EcoAdapt is excited to announce that this year’s travel guilt donations will support Baltimore Green Space.

A message from Baltimore Green Space:

Baltimore Green Space is Baltimore’s only environmental land trust. We promote vibrant neighborhoods and a healthy environment through land preservation, research, and community advocacy. Baltimore Green Space was founded in 2007 by a group of community gardeners who wanted to see their communities’ treasured open spaces remain available to residents. Baltimore Green Space founded and coordinates one of the only programs assisting neighbors with care for community forests in the country. Their research with communities into the health of Baltimore’s urban forests is changing how ecologists think about urban forests.

Community access to green space for food, emotional health, and environmental benefits is crucial to the climate resilience of communities in city landscapes. Forests are the best at mitigating heat island impacts. Caring for existing forests so they are healthy and continue to benefit communities over time is crucial to the resilience of communities. Retaining green space for food, family, and fun is essential for the neighborhood communities and ecological health as well.

Our vision is to be a leader and partner in ensuring that communities’ open spaces and forest patches are considered priority assets in the growth and redevelopment of Baltimore. We believe that green spaces provide unmatched opportunities for recreation, civic engagement, and community revitalization. It is essential to retain existing natural spaces that have ecological value and biodiversity. Our impact includes the scientifically documented social, health, environmental, and economic benefits that create strong neighborhoods and a vibrant city.

Photos of Baltimore Green Space’s Work: