Adaptation Pledge

National Adaptation Forum participants collaborated on the creation of an Adaptation Pledge for everyone to use in our work as a common point of reference in our collective endeavors. We invite you to share this pledge with your partners as a tool for good practice. It is not meant to be a guide to Adaptation Best Practices. Rather it is meant to provide a philosophical framework within or upon which we can work toward better long-term outcomes for all.

Adaptation Pledge

I pledge to create a durable future for my community and the environment, at home and at work, by thinking about the future in all I do.

I commit to:

  • Use best available science and knowledge: Considering present, past, and future conditions in my actions.

  • Decide with, not for: Invite, recruit and promote the broadest diversity of partners and stakeholders in conversations and decisions in my community.

  • Build climate equity: Work to ensure the equitable sharing of the benefits of resilience-building and the equitable bearing of the costs of climate change.

  • Safeguard integrity: Ensure transparency, accountability & follow-through.

  • Minimize harm: Evaluate how actions might affect other people, living things, places, goals and endeavor to minimize adverse impacts while maximizing common benefits.

  • Be honest about the challenges: Give voice to the fact that resilience requires adaptation to create it and mitigation to maintain it.

  • Foster an inspired community: Use the knowledge that a long-term plan and vision that engages and inspires the community comes from tapping into hope and creativity.

  • Adapt holistically: Your community is affected by & affects the world around you.