The National Adaptation Forum was created by a diverse group of professional adaptation practitioners from the private and public sectors concerned about the need to anticipate and prepare for the impacts of climate change. It represents a collective effort to enhance the resilience of the Nation’s communities, natural systems and economy in the face of a changing climate, through open participation from actors across the country.
The 5th National Adaptation Forum will continue to bring together individuals from the wide spectrum of sectors and regions integrating climate adaptation planning into their day-to-day activities. As the Forum has grown, so too has the diversity of participants, we will continue to have practitioners from all 50 states, representing all levels of government, non-governmental organizations, community groups, academia along with International partners from North America and beyond. The Forum will continue the trend of providing a venue for professional development, networking and information sharing through a specialized program comprised of dozens of sessions for an innovative and comprehensive experience. 
The National Adaptation Forum provides a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about how to make their work climate informed, share what they have learned with others, and explore new and innovative adaptation approaches. It is a professional development event that aims to expand the network of all attendees striving to be climate informed in all that they do.