About Climate Change Adaptation

What is climate change ADAPTATION?

Climate change adaptation is the action of reducing the adverse effects or harnessing the beneficial effects of climate change by planning for change in built and natural systems. It may also be reffered to as "climate adaptation" or just "adaptation". 

How does ADAPTATION connect to MITIGATION? 

Climate change mitigation is the action of reducing greenhouse gases being emitted into the Earth's atmosphere. Mitigation initiatives aim at preventing further warming of the Earth and reducing the intensity of climate change.


Climate science reveals that mitigation and adaptation are both critical to overcoming climate change because even if humanity stopped all greenhouse gas emissions today - impacts of climate change will continue to effect the earth for many years to come.  NASA further describes the relationship between mitigation and adaptation here


Though climate change adaptation and mitigation have distinct goals and outcomes, projects that address one often have potential benefits to the other. For example, a neighborhood tree planting helps to provide cooling and allieviate the dangers of extreme heat events to the public. Yet, trees also capture and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - making the activity an adaptation and mitigation win win!