April 28 - Nature-Based Adaptation Solutions

Nature-based solutions provide opportunities to restore ecosystems while also protecting human well-being and the built environment in the face of climate change. At this session, panelists discuss ways to address climate change impacts through strategic application of nature-based solutions, including current examples and lessons learned. The session highlights work taking place across geographies, habitats and scales in celebration of 2021 Global Adaptation Month and Earth Day’s focus to “Restore our Earth”, brought to you by EcoAdapt's National Adaptation Forum


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(Photo by Tom Robak on Unsplash)

Additional partner events:

April 21 - Greenbelt Alliance Climate Leader Series with Lara Hansen

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Gearing up for the celebration of Earth Day, Amanda Brown-Stevens, Greenbelt Alliance’s Executive Director, sits down with Lara J. Hansen, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, and Executive Director at EcoAdapt.

Lara and Amanda will define and explain what adaptation and resilience mean, and how these concepts can be used to restore the Earth, which is the theme of this year’s Earth Day. They will also approach case studies and examples, breaking down what it means for the Bay Area to become more resilient to a changing climate.