Sample GAMeOn! Press Release

Share the news about your participation in Global Adaptation Month with this press release. Download the press release HERE.





(ORGANIZATION/CITY/STATE) IS TAKING ACTION BY PARTICIPATING IN GLOBAL ADAPTATION MONTH  a worldwide movement to raise awareness, take action, and “up our game” on climate change.  

The effects of climate change are global and impacting millions around the world.


(ORGANIZATION/CITY/STATE) is taking action and raising awareness on the need to help people, ecosystems, and communities adapt to a changing climate by participating in Global Adaptation Month (GAMe On!) this April 2020.


In order to act on climate change (ORGANIZATION/CITY/STATE) has committed to: (INSERT YOUR GLOBAL ADPATATION MONTH COMMITMENT). This action is anticipated to (INSERT EXPECTED IMPACT OF ACTION).    


GAMe On! is a partner of the Earth Day Network’s celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day which is focusing on climate action. By participating in Global Adaptation Month, (ORGANIZATION/CITY/STATE) demonstrates its support of the connection of adaptation to the broader climate change and environmental movements.


Event Details: GAMe On! launches April 2020, parallel to Earth month. The month-long event will be celebrated virtually through webinar trainings and online commitments, allowing everyone to learn and participate around the world. The event will focus on increasing action, awareness and accountability for climate action.    


Organizers: GAMe On! is organized by EcoAdapt, a non-profit organization whose mission is to create a robust future in the face of climate change.  


Get involved: Individuals or organizations can get involved by making a commitment, becoming a sponsor or supporter, or attending a GAMe On! webinar. Learn more at or contact the organizers at