How to make a Global Adaptation Month Commitment?

Commit to up your GAMe on climate change!

Whether it's an adaptation project you're already working on, or an idea you've been hoping to launch, Global Adaptation Month serves as a space to hold yourself and your colleagues accountable on project deadlines. You can set your own deadline and Global Adaptation Month will be an annual time for reflection on the completion of your project.


What should a sample commitment look like?

Its important to make your commitment specific so it is acheivable and action-oriented.

1. Set a goal -  For example: "My office will create a climate adaptation plan." 

2. Set a deadline - For example: "My office will release the climate adaptation plan by April 2021." 

3. Identify your impact - For example: "My office will create a plan to prepare for our top priority climate-related challenges including extreme heat and flooding issues".


What are some sample commitment ideas? 

Individual, communities, cities, businesses, schools, faith groups and many others are taking action to address climate change. But we know we need to do more. Global Adaptation Month asks you to commit to adaptation actions you or your organization will take throughout the next year. Click on the buttons below for sample commitments ideas for "individuals" or "governments & organizations". 

Why this helps?

By making a commitment, you become a part of a global movement. Sharing your commitment is a useful way to hold yourself or your organization accountable to its goals, publicizing your efforts and inspiring others.  


What happens if I don't accomplish my committment?

As a part of the deal, we will check-in with you about the progress of your commitment and give people opportunities to highlight their success stories. While we hope all participants accomplish their goals, there are no negative consequences if things do not go exactly to plan. Instead, you can choose to update your committment and try again. 


Are you ready?

The 2021 commitment submission period has closed, but if you or your organization is still interested in making a commitment please email info(at)