Donate to the National Adaptation Forum! 

All donations to the National Adaption Forum go to support the following costs and activities:  

1.  General Support for the National Adaptation Forum: Your generous gift supports the future costs associated with gathering over 900 members of the adaptation community to foster knowledge exchange, innovation and mutual support for a better tomorrow.

2.  Travel Offset Project : The Forum prefers to perform travel offset through on-site projects that will benefit the community. Traveling to a climate change meeting is an existential challenge and we believe on-the-ground adaptation actions helps to reduce our collective impact. The 2017 Forum beneficiary was the Mississippi Park Connection, an area nonprofit, collaborating with the City of Saint Paul Forestry Program and the Science Museum of Minnesota for a pre-forum gravel bed nursery-raised tree planting and reclaimed water adaptation project. Replacement trees adapted for a changing climate are being planted to replace climate change compromised ash trees. The new trees provide ambient cooling and carbon storage benefits to downtown St. Paul's Upper Landing Park.

3.  Support for On-Site Volunteers: The help of volunteers is instrumental for the success of the Forum. It is also an unique opportunity for students and early career professionals to meet leading climate change adaptation practitioners in the field. 

4. Travel Support Scholarships: To ensure community leaders from all sectors are able to attend and learn from fellow practitioners and community members, the Equity Working Group have set the goal of providing 30% of our attendees with travel scholarships. Unfortunately many stakeholders and adaptation partners are not able to attend due to lack of travel funding especially underserved communities of color and at- risk underrepresented communities. Without travel support, these partners who are compellingly committed to creating healthier, more resilient and sustainable communities would not be able to attend.