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Welcome to Madison!

Welcome to Madison, Wisconsin the host city for the 4th National Adaptation Forum April 23-25, 2019

Madison, Wisconsin is known as a don't-miss destination because of its amazing attractions. Whether you're here to visit the Capitol building, visit the UW-Madison campus or spend time on our lakes, we have a never-ending list of things to do. Learn more about local attractions, free things to do, arts & culture, shopping and sports and recreation by visiting Things to do in Madison.

The 4th National Adaptation Forum is taking place at the Monona Terrace which is conveniently located within walking distance to all great amenities of Madison; you’ll find hotels, restaurants and the beautiful Capital building. Click here to learn more about how to find amazing places to nibble on Wisconsin cheese and local breweries or find fine dining.

Five Madison Facts

  1. Nestled between lakes Mendota and Monona, Madison is one of only two major U.S. cities built on an isthmus.
  2. Madison and the surrounding area are home to many Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings- including the Monona Terrace® Community and Convention Center
  3. Thousands of Native American effigy mounds - the biggest concentration in the U.S. - were built along the shores of Madison's lakes. Today, 23 mounds remain on public land.
  4. In 2014, Madison was named the greenest city in America. Over 40 buildings, including the Dane County airport and the Monona Terrace, earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications
  5. A city ordinance prevents any new building from being taller than the Capitol dome - which makes the Capitol the tallest building in Madison