Pre-Forum Trainings, Meetings, and Events May 8, 2017

Pre-Forum activities are an excellent way for you and your organization to get even more value out of the National Adaptation Forum. In 2015, the Forum hosted nine Pre-Forum events; in 2017, we are going to more than double this number. Please click on the links below to learn about the Pre-Forum activities taking place on Monday May 8, 2017. 

Pre-Forum Training


Climate Adaptation Planning for Emergency Management

Where: Intercontinental Hotel Saint Paul  

When: 8:00AM-5:00PM CT. 

About: Learn the principles of climate adaptation planning for emergency management and first response processes. Enhance your understanding about the impact of weather hazards on critical infrastructure and key resources, how climate change projects will affect those impacts. Increase your knowledge about the common weather hazards, climate variability, and climate change alongside risk assessment paradigms. Register HERE.



Pre-Forum Meetings


Organization: The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP)

About: ASAP is the sole membership society dedicated to supporting and connecting adaptation practitioners, while advancing innovation across the field of practice. Join us for our All-Member Meeting from 2:45-5:15 pm. Meet members of the ASAP community, join action teams to advance our adaptation mission, and hear updates on recent accomplishments. Register Today!

Open to the Public: No, to ASAP Members only

Room: RiverCentre Meeting Room 10


Organization: Broward County SE Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit

About: Convening of regional entities partnering on resilience.

Open to the Public: No, Invite only

Room: RiverCentre Meeting Room 6 (morning)


Organizations: Global Adaptation Network and EcoAdapt 

About: Adaptation without borders: Linking the US to the UN Environment’s Global Adaptation Network Summary: Please join the UN Environment’s Global Adaptation Network (GAN) for a conversation to explore and develop linkages between the US and international adaptation efforts. This will be an informal session to learn more about the UN Environment and GAN’s climate change adaptation activities as well as a reflection on the current state of the field in the US and its global implications. We aim to round out the session with a discussion on how to facilitate further international collaboration. Coffee and lunch included. 

Time: 11am to 2pm 

Open to the Public: Reserve your space today by signing up

Room: RiverCentre Meeting Room 4/5


Organization: Institute for Sustainable Communities

About: A workshop for community leaders interested in learning how solar and energy storage can be used to support community resilience and emergency preparedness. This is an opportunity to learn best practices for planning and implementing these projects from national experts and leading cities. 

Open to the Public: Pre-registration required register ​here. ​

Room: RiverCentre Meeting Room 6 (afternoon)


Organization: NOAA RISA Network

About: This meeting will explore the future of regional climate assessments. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the Sustained National Climate Assessment, gain insight from current activities, and discuss best practices for capacity-building across regions.

Open to the Public: Yes. Pre-registration required, register here.

Room: RiverCentre Meeting Room 3


Organization: NOAA Sea Grant Network

About: This is a professional development and networking event for members of the Sea Grant Network.

Open to the public: No

Room: RiverCentre Meeting Room 7


Organization: US Army Corp of Engineers

About: This day-long workshop introduces "Practical Playfulness" as a strategy for facilitating the collaborative exploration of complex multi-criterion decision scenarios to support action for adaptation to global change. Participants will hear presentations from practitioners, engage in discussion sessions, work through a real-world role-playing "multi-hazard tournament", and have the opportunity to discuss their own adaptation challenges with experts.

Open to the public: Pre-registration required register ​here

Room: RiverCentre Meeting Room 14/15


Pre-Forum Events

Travel Offset Tree Planting Volunteer Opportunity

Traveling to a climate change meeting is an existential challenge. This year’s beneficiary is the Mississippi Park Connection, an area nonprofit, collaborating with the City of Saint Paul Forestry Program and the Science Museum of Minnesota for a pre­forum, gravel bed, nursery­raised tree planting adaptation project. Replacement trees adapted for a changing climate are being planted to replace climate change compromised ash trees. The new trees will provide ambient cooling and carbon storage benefits to downtown St. Paul's Upper Landing Park. Forum participants can volunteer for this event and also donate funds to cover the $5,000 still needed to make this project a reality.  To learn more about the project see case study on "Saint Paul's Gravel Bed Nursery Project: Maximing the Benefits of Urban Trees". You can volunteer by selecting the volunteer opportunity while registering for the Forum or e-mailing

This is a volunteer event with the National Park Service and Mississippi Park Connection.

DATE: Monday, May 8th TIME: 1p-3:30p

PARKING and DIRECTIONS: This event will take place at the Science Museum of MN. Parking is available in the science museum's ramp. We will meet at street level near the main entrance.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring a full water bottle for drinking. If you are diabetic or have other special medical needs, please bring the necessary supplies and notify your group leader on the day of the event. We carry a first aid kit and are within easy access of major thoroughfares. Volunteers should bring their own sun screen, sun glasses, sweatshirts and tick/mosquito repellent. Mississippi Park Connection and the National Park Service will provide all tools and gloves.

WHAT TO WEAR: Wear long pants and sturdy boots or shoes. Volunteers are encouraged to wear layers. The work that we are doing is quite physical so you will likely warm up through the event. Volunteers can bring their own gloves or wear ones that are provided for their use that day. Please wear appropriate clothing to get wet and/or muddy.

RAIN OR SHINE: The work that we do is outdoors – this means we may encounter varying weather conditions like cold, wind, rain or heat. Our policy is to work rain or shine and we will continue with an event as long as safe conditions allow. The National Park Service will make a determination to postpone if severe weather conditions (like thunderstorms) arise.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: A gravel bed is an irrigated bed or pile of gravel to place and safely hold bare root or washed containerized stock for up to 3-6 months. Doing this dramatically increases fibrous root volume, decreasing transplant shock and increasing survivability of the plant. Since bare root stock is typically only available during certain times of year this also allows for staged plantings throughout the year. We are installing a gravel bed in front of the science museum for maximum visibility and to use for trees that we will plant in St. Paul's natural areas. Your group will be helping to harvest and plant the trees from the bed. We look forward to a rewarding day restoring our National Park on the Mississippi River. Please let me know if you have any questions and we look forward to working with you!

WHERE: Science Museum of Minnesota

Monday Meet and Greet Adaptation Awards Ceremony

Join us for a hors d’oeuvres and cocktail hour to welcome participants to the National Adaptation Forum. This is a time to reconnect with old friends while making new connections. The very popular Monday Meet and Greet event will now be augmented by a new Adaptation Awards Ceremony May 8th at the InterContinental. Our partners representing regional (Minnesota Climate Adapation Partners), National, (Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, American Society of Adaptation Professionals) and international (United Nations Environment Programme/Global Adaptation Network) awards will be given to recipients identified by these organizations. This award ceremony is a first for the Forum and will elevate our partners’ efforts to a national level. Check out the award flyer here! 

When: Monday May 8th, 5:30-8:00 PM (Awards Ceremony starts at 6:00 PM allowing all time to grab a bite and beverage)

Where: InterContinental Hotel 11 East Kellogg Boulevard, Saint Paul