Method to the Mainstreaming Madness

Method to the Mainstreaming Madness

Sascha Petersen
Adaptation International
Time Slot: 
Thursday 9:40am - Concurrent Session 9
Session Type: 
Symposium (Panel Discussion)

All across the country, communities are looking at how to better incorporate adaptation into long-term plans, existing policies, and other city planning processes. This “mainstreaming” of adaptation into existing frameworks has the potential to unlock significant funding and help integrate resilience building efforts into the existing duties of a local government. Yet, all mainstreaming approaches are not created equal. Come join us for a candid discussion and interactive exercise on what is and is not working in the approaches being used by four communities: Ann Arbor, MI; Baltimore, MD; Huntington Beach, CA; and San Antonio, TX. The session will discuss:

• How do we effectively apply lessons learned from the approaches being used in different parts of the country?
• How can you be as proactive as possible?
• How do the answers to these questions vary based on scale, department, or other factors?

The session starts with general polling of the audience and a quick 7-minute presentation by each panelists highlighting how they are moving forward with mainstreaming. Themes include: hazard mitigation, employee training, economic development, and long-term planning. The introductions are followed by 20 minutes of moderated discussion focusing on what works and where the panelists have run into and overcome barriers. In the final 40 minutes of the session, participants will split into breakout groups led by the panelists and the moderators and walk through a series of questions in a decision tree framework to help them determine which approach makes the most sense for their community.


Kristin Baja, City of Baltimore
Dan Kalmick, City of Huntington Beach
Kim Lundgren, Kim Lundgren Associates
Doug Melnick, City of San Antonio
Matt Naud, City of Ann Arbor
Sascha Petersen, Adaptation International