Coordination and Collaboration in the Climate Resilience Ecosystem

Coordination and Collaboration in the Climate Resilience Ecosystem

John R Nordgren
Time Slot: 
Concurrent Sessions 8
Session Type: 
Working Group

The “Resilience Ecosystem” (RE) is the open and inclusive community of public and private entities working to sustain and evolve science-based tools, information, and expertise—“climate services”—that can help city and regional planners, resource managers, businesses, and others build resilience to climate-related impacts and extreme events. In January 2018, NOAA’s Climate Program Office and the Climate Resilience Fund co-sponsored and organized, with EcoAdapt, a workshop in which we asked the ~70 participants to identify opportunities to collaborate on synergistic projects that build on existing resources within the broader RE. Project ideas generated by workshop participants were considered, along with others solicited through an RFP process, in a grants competition led by CRF.

This 2.5-hour Working Group session will feature presentations by the six successful grantee teams, each comprised of three or more organizations, on the results of their projects and plans for evolving or scaling their services or resources. Working group participants will be invited to engage with the grantee teams to explore new opportunities and applications for services or features that increase access to, or utility of, resources. The organizers will also present a virtual map of the Resilience Ecosystem, demonstrate how it can be used by participants to discover connections and opportunities for collaboration, and engage working group attendees to edit the map in real time. NOAA and CRF will report on their ongoing collaboration, including a status update on year two of the Coordination and Collaboration in the Climate Resilience Ecosystem grants competition.


Lara Hansen, EcoAdapt
David Herring, NOAA Climate Program Office
John Nordgren, Climate Resilience Fund