Lessons for Managed Retreat from Post-Disaster Buyouts

Lessons for Managed Retreat from Post-Disaster Buyouts

Amanda Whittemore Martin
SE Disaster Recovery Partnership
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The United States is far from consensus on fair or wise processes to relocate vulnerable communities. Post-disaster buyouts are one of the few extant practices that provide a model for managed retreat from climate hazards. This panel examines the latest research on design, effectiveness, experiences and equity of post-disaster buyouts. Participants are invited to explore the following questions alongside our panelists:
• How well do our current buyout programs reduce risk?
• What are the effects of buyouts beyond issues of risk? Are they positive or negative, and for whom?
• How do buyout programs integrate community needs and social equity?
• How do these findings translate to the context of climate hazards, especially those with slow onset?

Dr. Sherri Brokopp Binder is President of BrokoppBinder Research & Consulting. Sherri studies post-disaster relocation, including buyout and housing recovery policy.

Amanda Martin runs the Southeast Disaster Recovery Partnership and is a PhD candidate at UNC-Chapel Hill. Amanda’s dissertation examines how buyouts affect long-term community development and equity.

Devon McGhee is a Coastal Management Specialist with Michael Baker International. Devon uses quantitative data to analyze where people move after buyouts.

Dr. A.R. Siders is an Environmental Fellow with the Harvard University Center for the Environment, where she studies coastal adaptation and managed retreat with an emphasis on policy evaluation and equity.

Dr. Gavin Smith is a professor at North Carolina State University. A veteran of this topic, Gavin first administered buyouts over twenty years ago with the State of North Carolina.


First, Do No Harm: Evaluating the Vulnerability Reduction of Post-Disaster Home Buyout Programs
Devon McGhee, Michael Baker International
Race, Place and Resilience in North Carolina’s Post-Disaster Buyouts
Amanda Martin, UNC / SE Disaster Recovery Partnership
Social (In)justice in Coastal Retreat
A.R. Siders, Harvard University
The Role of Implementing Agencies in Home Buyouts: Process, Equity, and Inclusion in Program Design and Implementation
Sherri Brokopp Binder, BrokoppBinder Research & Consulting.
  • Alex Greer, University at Albany
How Planning Can Improve Buyout Practice and Considerations for Climate Resettlement
Gavin Smith, DHS Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence, UNC Chapel Hill