Co-production in Action: Building collaborative capacity for adaptation in natural resource management

Co-production in Action: Building collaborative capacity for adaptation in natural resource management

Roesch-McNally Elan Gabrielle
Northwest Climate Hub
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Working Groups and Trainings 2
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Working Group

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Climate Hubs were developed in 2014 to deliver science-based, region-specific information and technologies to enable climate-informed decision making by owners and managers of farms, ranches, and forests. Along with partners and stakeholders, we strive to co-produce knowledge that serves communities facing increasing climate-change related challenges. These efforts are nascent and require much learning, reflection, and evaluation. This working group (WG) offers a space to share lessons learned from diverse stakeholder engagement in climate adaptation efforts from across the U.S. in the agricultural, rangeland, and forestry sectors. We will use these case studies to guide a participatory and engaging discussion with participants to share panelist and group perspectives on coproduction to improve our collective knowledge about doing this work with communities. As a result of this WG, we will produce a synthesis of our collective knowledge and WG discussion to facilitate co-production efforts and community-based research.

As a part of this WG, we will share lessons learned from a number of region-specific projects: (1) Climate change curriculum for adult learning audiences in Northeastern agriculture and forestry; (2) Partnerships to engage Northern Plains ranchers in climate change adaptation; (3) Participatory on-farm adaptation research with Willamette Valley farmers; (4) Farmer-to-farmer education in the Caribbean through collaborative, multi-stakeholder workshops and educational videos; (5) Communicating weather impacts to Midwestern farmers; and (6) Working with diverse partners to adapt managed and natural Northern forest ecosystems to a changing climate.


Erica Kistner-Thomas, USDA Midwest Climate Hub
Todd Ontl, USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub
Julian Reyes, USDA Southwest Climate Hub
Caitlin Rottler, USDA Southern Plains Climate Hub
Rachel Schattman, USDA Northeast Climate Hub
Sarah Wiener , USDA Southeast Climate Hub