Community Resilience Building Workshop Interactive Training Session

Community Resilience Building Workshop Interactive Training Session

Adam W Whelchel
The Nature Conservancy
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The need for municipalities, corporations, organizations, institutions, and government agencies to build community resilience and adapt to extreme weather and hazards is now strikingly evident. Ongoing events continuously reinforce this urgency and compel leading communities to proactively plan and act. In response to this ever increasing need and urgency, the Community Resilience Building (CRB) Workshop was created. The CRB Workshop is a unique, “anywhere at any scale”, community-drive process, rich with information, experience, and dialogue to equitably improve resilience to all natural and climate-related hazards; today and in the future. This session provides training on the CRB Workshop approach which has been tried, tested, and is now trusted by over 200 communities across 7 states. The training will walk participants through all steps of the CRB Workshop process including core team establishment, goal setting, defining top hazards (past, current, future), participatory mapping of strengths and vulnerabilities, development of actions cross-walked against multiple hazards, and prioritizing solutions in a collaborative and supportive environment. This learning exchange will be reinforced with real world, cross-sectoral examples from municipalities (over 142 in Massachusetts alone) and academic campuses where CRB has been implemented. An interactive educational exercise will follow to ensure the participants successfully experience and implement key steps in the CRB process using diverse situational case studies. Community Resilience Building Guidebooks will be provided to help accelerate continued utility and application by participants in their own ongoing efforts.

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Adam Walton Whelchel, The Nature Conservancy