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Presentation Types

Please note due to increased interest in the National Adaptation Forum, we have set limits on submissions. We are only accepting two symposia submissions per session organizer (an individual from an organization). If your symposium is not accepted it will be automatically considered for an oral presentation or poster, therefore you do not need to submit the same abstract for different session types. To ensure a diversity of content, we will only be accepting 2 submissions per organizer on the same project or topic for training sessions, working groups, and oral presentations. Application instructions are available here. 

  1. Symposium: Energetic and captivating speakers are invited to share up-to-date science, practice, and case studies in symposium sessions. Practitioners representing the full scope of the climate adaptation community, from Tribal, federal, state and local agencies to NGOs, academia and business, will cover a wide breadth of examples, methodologies, and general adaptation findings. (1.5 hour sessions). 
  2. Training Session: An interactive, educational experience in which participants develop skills to apply to their own adaptation work, are introduced to tools and methods that can support their work, and have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from each other. (2.5 hour sessions).
  3. Working Group: These are an important element of the Forum, creating space to collaborate with peers on a specific outcome or goal, such as furthering a research proposal, developing policies, designing products, or engaging in structured information exchange about a particular adaptation topic. Ideally, working groups will have an output that can be shared with all Forum participants. (2.5 hour sessions). 
  4. Oral Presentations: Oral presentations report results of completed or ongoing research, up-to-date science, practice, process, or unique case studies. Presenters are asked to describe how their findings apply to practice in the field. Oral presentations may be local, regional, national, or international in scope. Accepted oral presentations will be placed into symposium sessions by the Program Committee. (15 minute presentations). 
  5. Poster Presentations: Research, tools and adaptation projects can be showcased in a 4’ x 4’ poster. A dedicated poster viewing session is part of the Forum’s Tuesday evening networking reception (April 23, 2019 from 6-8 PM) so peers can socialize and share ideas as they view posters. 
  6. CAKE Tools Café: The Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange ( Tools Café is an opportunity to share guidance and insider tips on how to get the most out of adaptation tools to solve real world challenges. The Tools Café will be featured during the Forum’s Tuesday evening Network Reception. April 23, 2019 from 6-8 PM.