Sample GAMeOn! Proclamation

Encourage your organization or local government to make a proclamation about taking adaptation action. Download the sample proclamation HERE.

Proclamation Name: Global Adaptation Month – Taking Action on Climate Change

Event Date: Month of April 2020

Insert City/Town Name

Proclamation Duration: April 1-30, 2020

(Choose any or all of the following)

WHEREAS: The climate is changing and already impacting ecosystems and society globally; and

WHEREAS: Many state and local governments have declared a climate emergency and are committed to action to drive down emissions; and

WHEREAS: Even if we reach zero emissions and begin carbon drawdown, communities, cities, and towns will need to prepare for the continued impacts of climate change through adaptation; and

WHEREAS: We need to collectively plan for climate change impacts by developing and implementing adaptation strategies to increase society’s resilience by reducing our vulnerability to a changing climate; and

WHEREAS: Many state and local governments are already preparing for the impacts of climate change through adaptation planning, yet many lack accountability and are not implementing with the necessary urgency; and

WHEREAS: We need to change the way we conduct our matters of state and business in order to secure a robust future; and

WHEREAS: We need to coordinate our ideas and encourage adaptation actions around the globe to respond to and prepare for climate change, while halting harmful greenhouse gas emissions; and

WHEREAS: We need to up our game on climate action and track adaptation commitments, while bringing together a community of practice to share adaptation solutions in order to address this challenge; and

WHEREAS: We need to continue to raise awareness of the need for adaptation and connect adaptation practitioners around the globe; and

WHEREAS: For this month of April 2020, Global Adaptation Month is moving society to climate action so we can solve this problem together; and

THEREFORE, I, (mayor’s name), Mayor of (city name), have the distinct honor of proclaiming the month of April 2020 GLOBAL ADAPATION MONTH Throughout the (city name) all community members, businesses, and institutions are encouraged to make a commitment to “Global Adaptation Month” and support climate adaptation action.