Who plans the National Adaptation Forum? 

The National Adaptation Forum was created by a diverse group of professional adaptation practitioners and community members from the private and public sectors concerned about the need to anticipate and prepare for thepotential impacts of climate change. It represents a collective effort to enhance the resilience of our Nation’s communities, natural systems and economy in the face of a changing climate, through open participation from all sectors across the country. The Forum is led by a Steering Committee responsible for helping fundraise and support outreach of the Forum and a Program Committee responsible in the call for proposals and final Forum program development. The Forum also has an Equity and Climate Justice Working Group that provides advice to both the Steering and Program Committees to help bridge the equity gap in climate adaptation through the Forum's program and activities.

Do you want to help plan the Forum? 

Applications to sit on the Steering Committee, Program Committee, and Equity and Environmental Justice Working Group are open!

Planning Committees 

  • Steering Committee: The Steering Committee leads the strategic direction of the National Adaptation Forum. A key role of this committee is to assist in the fundraising, sponsor recruitment, and attendee outreach. (Time commitment: 3-5 hours a month) 
  • Program Committee: The Program Committee develops the themes and topics, performs outreach for the Call for Proposals, reviews all proposals, and creates the final program.  (Time commitment: 2-4 hours a month) 
  • Equity and Climate Justice Working Group: The Equity and Climate Justice Working Group ensures that all the work that Forum committees undertake is done so through the lens of climate equity. This working group provides feedback to both the Steering Committee and Program Committee on any equity opportunities that arise. (Time commitment: 2-4 hours a month) 
  • Global Adaptation Month Working Group: Global Adaptation Month (GAMe On) is a new, virtual month for individuals, classrooms,  businesses, governments, etc. to commit to climate adaptation action. This working group will work to launch the first  GAMe On in April 2020 (Time commitment: 1-2 hours a month). 
  • Plenary Working Group: The Plenary Working Group meets beginning in early winter 2020 to propose the overarching theme of the plenary,  suggest speakers, and  provide recommendations to the Steering Committee. (Time commitment: 1-2 hours a month)