About the Virtual Event

As climate change alters the frequency and severity of extreme weather events, businesses are taking action to protect their employees, operations and supply chains against hazards like heat, flooding and wildfires. To build resilience, companies are turning to a range of strategies, from using forward-looking climate projections to guide infrastructure decisions to investing in technology- and nature-based adaptation measures. But businesses cannot be truly resilient if the communities they serve and operate in aren’t prepared for climate-related risks, too. In this session, a group of experts will discuss examples of how leading companies are working to build resilience internally as well as use their technologies, talent and other resources to help communities adapt to the changing climate. For example, you’ll learn how AT&T incorporated climate data into the company’s processes for siting new and protecting existing telecommunications infrastructure. Speakers will cover best practices, challenges and lessons learned from the case studies to equip the audience with actionable takeaways.

Moderator and Speakers

  • Jessica Filante Farrington, Director, Global Environmental Sustainability, AT&T
  • Don Park, Climate Risk and Resilience Lead, Microsoft
  • Lee Siler, Director, Emergency Preparedness and Strategy, Global Emergency Management, Walmart
  • Moderator: Reese May, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, SBP

Event Sponsor

This event would have not been possible without the generous support of AT&T. We encourage you to learn more about their work, including the Climate Risk and Resilience Portal (ClimRR).