Withdraw a Proposal

Proposal submissions are no longer being accepted.

If you can no longer present at the Forum, use link below to withdraw your proposal. Please also email our team at Info@NationalAdaptationForum.org.

Presenter Checklist

Questions? Contact: info@delaneymeetingevent.com

FIND YOUR PRESENTATION: The date and time of your presentation can be found in the National Adaptation Forum program. Please note that the schedule is still subject to change as details are finalized leading up to the event. General breakout room format details can be found below.

Any changes to session titles, descriptions, or speaker lists were required to be submitted to info@nationaladaptationforum.org by March 27, 2024. Any updates submitted beyond this date will be reflected in the online version of the program, but not the printed and PDF versions of the program.

REGISTER FOR THE EVENT: All presenters are required to register for the event. There is not a discounted rate for presenters. Registration details and a link to register can be found here.

BOOK YOUR HOTEL AND FLIGHT: Travel and lodging information can be found here. The Forum designated hotels are both full; however, there are many other hotels within walking distance of the RiverCentre.

LOG IN TO THE MOBILE APP: The Forum will use Whova as the Mobile App to which attendees will gain access shortly before programming begins.  Whova will serve as a main source of the most up-to-date information about The Forum (including the full schedule). Speakers/presenters will receive a separate email from Whova inviting you to log into a speaker portal where you can upload a bio, profile image, link your socials, and more. Email info@delaneymeetingevent.com if you did not receive this invitation.

While you may have already received a link to Whova’s speaker form, as a registered attendee you will also receive an email with a link to join Whova. The site will fully open to everyone the week of May 6th (Note: this is a separate link from the speaker profile login).

CHECK FOR ACCESSIBILITY: As you put together your presentation materials please keep the guidelines below in mind to remove potential barriers for interaction with your material.  We recommend this resource or this resource on presentation accessibility. Some key guidelines include:

  • Use legible sans serif fonts sized as large as possible (see poster session format guidelines below for font size recommendations)
  • Use black or dark blue font color with simple no or low-color backgrounds. If using color, be sure there is a high contrast between text and background.
  • Text should include essential points only and strive for list form
  • Add alt text to images

UPLOAD YOUR PRESENTATION: See the Presentation Upload section below for detailed instructions. The final version of your PowerPoint must be uploaded to Google Drive by end of day May 10th.

Session Formats

General Breakout Room Format

Each breakout room may look slightly different in terms of seating arrangements, but will have the same AV tools available.  Each room will be equipped with the following:

  • A projector & screen
  • A podium with a Windows-based laptop (any Mac users must ensure slides will be compatible)
  • Amplified Sound & at least 2 microphones
  • A head table with chairs
  • Wireless slide advancer/clicker

Session organizers are responsible for bringing any additional materials that may be necessary (e.g., flip charts, post-it notes, markers).

Poster Session Format

Two hours: 6:30 – 8:30 pm on Tuesday, May 14

  • The poster session will be held in the evening of Tuesday, May 14th in conjunction with the Margaret A. Davidson Networking Reception
  • Posters will remain up throughout the entire week
  • Posters must be removed no later than noon on Thursday, May 16th or they will be recycled
  • Posters can be at most 36 inches in length and 42 inches in height
  • We recommend at least a size 24 font
  • Presenters will be responsible for hanging and taking down their own posters; the Forum Team will provide thumb tacks for hanging 
  • Presenters should stand by their poster for at least one hour, but longer is recommended
  • Presenters will need to have their poster printed before the event
  • Presenters are responsible for printing their posters
  • If you’d like to print your poster on-site, we recommend that you use the Loffler Business Center located in the RiverCentre. Poster orders should be placed in advance to ensure they will be ready upon your arrival.

Presentation Upload

What to do in Advance – Presenters

The final version of your PowerPoint must be uploaded to the Forum Google Drive by end of day May 10th. You are encouraged to submit your finalized PowerPoint earlier if possible. 

Your PowerPoint will be pre-loaded onto the meeting room laptop.  As a best practice, we encourage you to bring a backup version of your PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive to your session room. There is not a specific PowerPoint template that must be used; however, the appropriate aspect ratio for your slides will be 16:9. 


Files can be uploaded as PowerPoint or PDF files

UNACCEPTABLE FORMATS: Google Slides, Prezi, Word documents


  1. Visit the Forum Google Drive (for security purposes we are not sharing the link on the website). All speakers were previously emailed this link. If you did not receive the link, please email info@delaneymeetingevent.com.
  1. Open the Speaker Resources subfolder within the Google Drive
A white rectangular sign with black text

Description automatically generated
  1. View the file “NAF Session List w. Room Assignments” 
A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated
  1. Locate your session title, then copy and rename your PowerPoint presentation using the title in the “What to Name File” Column.
  1. Note the date of your session (either 5/14, 5/15, or 5/16)
  1. In the Google Drive folder, open the subfolder that corresponds to the day of your session 
A close-up of a calendar

Description automatically generated
  1. Press the “+ New” button to upload a new file to this folder. 
A white rectangle with black text

Description automatically generated
A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated
  1. In the pop-up box that appears, locate your presentation, then press “Open.” This will save a copy of your PowerPoint presentation in the Google Drive folder. Please make sure your file is named using the format defined above.
  1. If you are presenting more than once, you must complete these steps for each presentation.
  1. If there are multiple presenters with PowerPoints in your session, they can each upload individual presentations or you can combine your slides into a single presentation. If there are multiple PowerPoints for your session, please adjust your naming convention by adding each presenter’s last name at the end of the file name you copied from the session list.

IF YOU NEED HELP or can’t upload your presentation to Google Drive, you may stop by the Registration Desk on-site to transfer the file from a USB drive to a volunteer who can upload your presentation to Google Drive on your behalf. 

During the Forum – Presenters

Plan to arrive at your session room 15-20 minutes before the scheduled start time (see schedule) to check in with your co-presenters and session volunteer.

A Note on Accessibility: Please review the notes on presentation accessibility above. The Forum has also made a concerted effort to encourage a variety of session formats.  Please be mindful that while different session formats can be a form of accessibility, it is also crucial to ensure session delivery remains accessible too. As one example, regardless of format, please remember to use amplified sound as much as possible even if you have a loud speaking voice.

Forum Support Staff

There will be staff on-site to assist you should any problems arise. These include:

SESSION VOLUNTEERS: Each session room will have a trained volunteer who will help set up presentations, troubleshoot minor tech issues, and keep track of session attendance. Alert your session volunteer if additional assistance is needed and they can get a hold of technical staff or a member of the Forum Team.

TECHNICAL STAFF: There will be a few “floating” technical staff on site available to help with larger technology-related issues. Technical staff will not be in every room, so let your volunteer know if one is needed.

THE FORUM TEAM: The Forum Team includes staff from EcoAdapt and Delaney Event Management. Forum Team members will primarily be stationed at the registration desk and available to help.